The dollmaker's

The doll without! plastics

Handicraft-sets for selfmaking

Pedagogical worth

Simple handycraft sets have a pedagogical worth for kids from 4 years in age. The Children lern by playing to handle weak and strong materials.
They learn the worth of their own , and other peoples work. While an experiment with kids in the museum of Altona in Hamburg/Germany, many hundred kids were building their dolls with enthusiasm.
Proud of their self made dolls, kids from 5 to 9 years presented their work. The lovely faces and coloured fabrics of the dolls have been
especially loved bei toddlers. The dolls are light and are easy to handle for young kids. The slaggy arms and legs makes them alive and to favorite dolls of the kids.
For collectors of antique and special dolls the handycraft kits are available with an antique cokoured cottonfabrics body , to put on extra dresses and clothes.

Our handycraft sets are available in diffrent colours.
The head is skin coloured an can be painted by any colour, even watercolours.
The head is easyly to fix to the body with a ribbon. All material you need to build the doll is included. ( Exept colours).
Finishing time 30 - 60 min.

Cardboardhead dolls with other heads are to be prepared.
This doll will have a twin sister, a little sister, and also a clown and a playdoll as toys.

We need partners and wholesalers or dealers in Europe and overseas, which have interest to sell an ecological impeccable and suitable for kids dolls without plastics. 

These dolls are kompletely made in Neustadt near Sonneberg/Germany at the edge of the thuringian forrest.
There is no work from children at this doll, like in some other toys from far east.
The so called "Werfpuppen" have been produced for over 70 years from about 1890 until 1960.

What kind of doll can say this?

Cardboardhead-doll Moritz in different colours

Handycraft set and finished doll

our doll in x-mas design
dolls with other heads an sizes are in development