The dollmaker's

The doll without! plastics

Cardboardhead -dolls - the forgotten bestsellers of dollart

What is a cardboardhead - doll?

Cardboardhead - dolls, also called throwing dolls(in German "Werfpuppen") have been the dolls for playing and throwing for the kids of the simple people from the beginning to the middle of the 20th century. The cardboardstampers were mostlyto recognize by missing fingers.
It was a hard time for the working people. In the familybuisseness has been worked 12 to 14 hours a day to survive by producing cheap dolls. Some of our Grandma's may remember these dolls. Yu will hardly ever find those dolls in a museum.
Why not?

Cardboardhead - dolls have been cheap dolls an kids loved to play with them. Chilren didn't take care so much with these dolls like with the expensive porcellain dolls.
They have been no objects of prestige.
Mostly it was played with them, until they break, and the they were thrown to the trash. Thoes one's which have not been thrown away, had another lot.
The roughness in the head were smoothened by a mixture of water and meal, the mice had fun with it and after a few jears in the loft  there was nothing left of the dollshead. In the end, there were no such dolls left.
unfortuneately  doll experts and -collectors did not pay attention of these dolls,  even though they have been the first idea and the grandmothers of today's dolls.
And now?
We tryed to find out by asking old dollmakers how to reconstruct these dolls, and besides this, we found some old matrixes from about 1920.
We also redesigned these dolls for todays kids, and because the dolls are unbreakable and of light weight, a new sport is born, -throwing dolls with salto mortale -.

The concept.

Our doll's without plastics are straight dolls.
The head ist made of Cardboard in a 80 year old matrix that we discovered in an old factory. That why these dolls have also historic worth and they should not be missed in any doll collectors collection
Those dolls are the grandgrandmothers and the archetypes of todays playdolls for Kids in their elementary style.
These dolls do not play with the kid like many modern function-dolls.
The kid will play with the doll and because of the simplicity of the doll, kids have the liberty and space to play their phantasies.
There is no spirit of the age, to be played by children.
Some Mothers and Grandmothers may remmember these type of dolls.
This doll is light and unbreakable and without plastics!
Throw this doll to somebody, it will be catched, and answered with a smile.
Would you dare to do this with another doll?

Werfpuppe Moritz

Moritz and his brother

Moritz and his little friends

Cardboard stampery around 1920